Ensuring a smooth journey

the new way to travel

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Air travel is now defined by ensuring every passenger's seamless, personalized journey. It has become clear that the passenger now desires a seamless experience from door to door. Expectant of instant gratification and efficiency in day-to-day life thanks to the phenomenal ascent of technology, air passenger now demands a similar level of personalization from their experience when traveling by air. How do we achieve this? The CEO of Hamburg Airport, Michael Eggenschwiler, expressed a great point. "We need to start seeing the airport through the passenger’s eyes."

Yet too often, the overarching experience of an airport or airline is not designed to optimize passenger experience. With a proven correlation between revenue generation and passenger satisfaction, it’s time to prioritize the latter to achieve the former. So, what is a seamless experience? An absence ultimately defines seamless travel. Seamless travel is the absence of disruption, the noticeable facility of moving from A to B without issue. Seamless travel is an expectation for the modern passenger. The seamless traveler doesn’t necessarily need retail options, restaurants, or help with security checks. Crucially, however, they might desire these options. A seamless experience is, therefore, personal to each passenger. That is why tailoring experience is essential. ​

Thinkgate connects stakeholders to build the air travel journey of the future. Our white-label solution integrated into the airport application is about the complete journey. Our vision is a seamless, secure, and efficient journey that is highly personalized end-to-end.

Personalized Travel Communications

Travel communications are interactive, real-time, and highly personalized, starting at booking and continuing throughout the end-to-end journey. Passengers can shop seamlessly for service or product offers, selecting all possible options and preferences for their trip. Passengers will receive personalized disruption notifications and updates if they opt in. Pre-travel notifications will minimize disruptions by informing passengers of delays or changes before leaving for the airport, allowing them to reshape their journey in real-time. Departure notifications are personalized, relevant, and location-based.


Notification subscriptions include:

- Direction assistance (wayfinding)

- Walking time information (point-to-point distances/times)

- Waiting times (Check-in, Security & Immigration)

- Boarding procedures for a “just-in-time” boarding experience

- Airline lounge access information

- Offers for airport retail goods and services. Passengers can track the delivery of goods and services within their order. 


Baggage Options

Passengers will personalize the baggage journey by choosing from a range of baggage pick-up and delivery options included in their order: 

- Some passengers will choose to have their baggage picked up at their home, their office, or hotel, while others may choose to drop off their bags at a local shop or other designated location

​- Other passengers may continue to drop off baggage at the airport​

- Passengers can receive ongoing baggage tracking notifications starting at the time of pick up and throughout the baggage journey.

Destination Communications

Upon arrival, personalized destination notifications will be sent to passengers to shape the rest of their journey. Messages include various information such as airport maps, ground transport information, hotel information, etc. Passengers choosing off-airport baggage delivery services will receive status updates and delivery confirmation.

Image by Kelly Sikkema