Passenger Flow Monitoring - solution and benefits

A state-of-the-art integrated, airport-wide Passenger Flow and Crowd Monitoring solution that supports the physical distancing, health, and sanitary requirements of the COVID-19 crisis, while delivering real-time, historical, and forecasted intelligence. The nature of this system also addresses the current budget and staff constraints by focusing on minimal capital costs and a new business model. The system intelligence provides cost-effective value in the post-pandemic world. 


Our range of crowd mitigation solutions enables an airport to prevent crowds from building in the first place. Forecasts integrated with airport resource management tools help optimize limited resources and staff shortages. Relevant flow and crowd information provided to passengers will enhance their experience and boost recovery. 

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Support health-related measures

  • Monitor Physical Distancing – Manage Passenger Density

  • Enforce demand-led sanitization: real-time passenger flow monitoring to trigger sanitization actions

  • Adapt layouts to avoid health issues

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Improve daily operations efficiency

  • Monitor live traffic on premises 24/7

  • Enforce SLAs with partners

  • Upgrade contingency plans

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Adjust resources for a more sustainable and financially performant airport

  • Predict and adjust energy consumption

  • Adjust sanitary planning and budget to predicted passenger arrival patterns

  • Locate assets throughout the premises

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Increase non-aero revenues

  • Measure and qualify traffic entering shops and restaurant concessionaires

  • Identify high potential contributors and design high-efficiency Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Adapt the call-to-gate time and the gate allocation to prevent any delay while encouraging passengers to spend time in retail and food areas

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