Intelligent Forecasting Integration


Presently, a traveler intending to catch a flight would need one app to avoid traffic jams (maps), a third app to find out about the temporary closure of a car park (airport information), and a different one to inform about a change in gates (airline -flight information). As these apps are all not connected, they will never know that the queue is currently so long that leaving 10 minutes earlier would have made all the difference. 



Thinkgate solves these evident problems by connecting the stakeholders to build the seamless travel experience of the future. For instance, travelers on their way to the airport would not only be informed about the most efficient way to the airport and where to park best but also about airport waiting queues with forecasting data, changed gates, etc. Our Door-to-Door information flow platform (OneView) aims to design and establish an integrated mobility information system for airports and intelligent automotive applications (white label). Our main features include information on the best terminal parking, arrival time & check-in, touchpoints, waiting times, disruption updates, real-time traffic information, and boarding time. Our vision is a seamless, secure, and efficient journey that is highly personalized end-to-end. Now we are working with car manufacturers, trying to find a way to integrate our technology into the car’s human-machine interface.



Best Terminal Parking

There are always countless things to do before a trip. That's why we help you get to the Airport as stress-free as possible. After all, who wants to have to worry about a suitable parking location upon arrival?


Touchpoints waiting times

For an easy passage through the security check, you will be provided with the forecasted waiting times to make sure you're properly prepared.


Real Time Traffic Information

You get important information in real-time on traffic jams, road closures, and other situations that may affect your travel time.


Arrival time & Check-in

To get your journey off to a relaxed start, the dashboard provides the best time to arrive & check-in time..


Disruption updates 

Pre-travel notifications will minimize disruptions by informing passengers of delays or changes allowing them to reshape their journey in real-time. 


Boarding time


Follow flight departures and arrivals and get notified if there are changes in gate and flight times.

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Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius