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OneView: Data Airports & Airlines Can Trust

01. Fast & Agile

To realize an ideal balancing of passenger flows with the required resources, airport staff, and stakeholders, we work in an agile and dynamic way, continuously updating the planning according to the latest available data. This process continues until and during the operational day with real-time feeds to ensure the best possible allocation. 

02. Cost-Effective

The nature of the system addresses the current budget and staff constraints by focusing on minimal capital costs and new business models. Leveraging the efficiency of processes and optimizing resources with mid to low investment while minimizing delays, queues, and operational risks, the output creates a positive passenger experience and increases non-aero revenues.  

03. Right time data

From real-time to right-time data. Not all data needs to be real-time, which can often be costly to produce. OneView reduces costs by determining when the data is required before investing.  Additional benefits are also met by analyzing historical data and applying discovered trends into short to long-term historical data sets and intelligence, which can be turned into meaningful actions in real time.


Understand Your
Passengers Better

Knowing the number and type of passengers when they arrive at the Premises has a direct influence on the resource allocation at check-in, security, and border control. Sharing information with passengers to help them understand the potential impact of a crowd, such as walking distances and average walking times, processing and waiting times from entrance to the gates, allows passengers to control their journey in the airport for a seamless experience end to end.




Thinkgate is a Swiss (AG) company. Selected as one of the six startups of the Accelerate@International Air Transport Association to help the aerospace industry create more personalized & seamless experiences for passengers. 


Transforming and connecting the physical into interconnected digital models to improve the passenger experience and airport operational flow. 


Thinkgate's state-of-the-art

platform OneView captures the raw undervalued source data in real time and processes it into live forecasting tools. 




Stephan Copart

Head of Digital Transformation at IATA

“We received strong feedback from airlines that Accelerate@IATA needed to continue and needed to help airlines become more digitally minded, push forward IATA’s digital transformation initiatives, and encourage new entrants to help manage all the difficulties our industry is facing. It has been really positive to see the progress of the startups and support from our Accelerate@IATA airline partners.”


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